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Products and Ordering

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Firmware and Software Upgrades
From time to time there may be improvements or fixes released for either the controller firmware, the control program, or both.  Upgrades to the control program are always free and available by download, but may require a firmware upgrade as well.  Hex files for new firmware versions are posted on the Download Page.  Our upgrade policy is as follows:
  • Firmware versions have major and minor numbers. For instance in version 5.01, 5 is the major version.  Minor version changes are for bug fixes and minor enhancements. Major version changes are for significant added features.
  • If you have the old CT-1 controller you can order the current CT-2 version upgrade as part number CT2-U.  Price is $80 Replacing the PIC and firmware upgrades a CT-1 controller to a CT-2 (also see Index Pulse Modifications).  Your firmware version is most easily found by looking at the title bar of the main dialog, or of the Configuration Page in the DrzTrack.exe program.
  • If you can program a PIC microcontroller you are welcome to download and install the latest firmware.  Be sure to update to the matching DrzTrack version at the same time (see notes on programming).  If you can not program the controller then the price is $30 for a new programmed PIC. Order as CT2-P.  When ordering, please specify your current firmware version.
  • Prices do not including shipping.
  • See the Download page and ordering, below, for more information.

CT-2 Controller

The controller is available as an assembled PC board. Use part number CT-2, on the order form. The assembled board includes all IC's, LED's, and a matching DIN 8 plug.

The price of the CT-2 controller is $270.


LCD-1 Backlit Display

The display kit is sold with the display, 8 inch ribbon cable, and connector assembled and tested. This display matches the patterns drilled in the enclosure that we sell.  The price of the LCD-1 display is $42.

ENC-1 Enclosure

This enclosure holds the CT-1 controller and the LCD-1 display unit.  It consists of a plastic instrument case (see pictures), with all mounting hardware.  Mounting surfaces are cut and drilled to accept the standard parts. The price of the ENC-1 case is $96.

RLY-1 Relay Board Kit

A board and parts to provide relays to drive your positioning motors.  Interfaces with the CT-2 board and is driven by the transistor outputs.  Board Schematic. The price of the RLY-1 is $30, including board, relays and other components.

The relay board may be mounted in the ENC-2 enclosure.

LC485-1 Level Converter Kit

This board is required for use with Incremental Encoders.  It provides 2 channels of TTL to RS-485 level conversion in either direction.  Two of these boards (one for each end of the line) are required when using incremental encoders.  More information on LC485-1 can be found on the RJ45 page.  Board picture and large schematic. The price for the LC485-1 kit is $30 each.


LC485-IDX Level Converter Kit

This board is used to convert TTL level Index Pulses from Incremental encoders to differential RS485 signals.  This is required only when using incremental encoders that provide index pulses.  More information on the LC485-IDX can be found on the Z Index page.  The price for the LC485-IDX kit is $30 each.

SEQ-2 Antenna and Amplifier Relay Sequencer Kit

This board is a remake of the original W2DRZ Sequencer.  It provides 4 sequenced outputs with on board relays.  The price for the SEQ-2 kit is $52 each.  Wired and tested version is $67, order as SEQ-2W.
See Sequencer-2 Info for details and construction of the sequencer boards.


Prices and Shipping

All prices are in US funds.  Shipping is $20 for USPS shipping and handling in US and Canada, for each shipment.  For most overseas shipping the cost will be $30 or higher.  Shipping charges will be added to to the card when shipped.  If you have any questions regarding prices or shipping costs, contact us via email.

Ordering and Payment

To order, print and fill out the order form and send to the email or postal address shown below.

You can order by email, postal mail, or telephone.  Payments can be made by Personal Check or by PayPal.  We are unable to process credit cards at this time, but will have that service soon.  For PayPal, send or phone the order and request an invoice.  You will receive an invoice by return mail that can be paid via PayPal.
Email is the easiest and fastest way to place an order. Simply send to:

For postal mail send to:

W2DRZ Controllers
1203 Perkins Lane
Beverly, New Jersey 08010

For telephone orders, call 856-866-6611,  Be aware that someone is not available to answer all of the time.  If there is no answer, please leave your name and number so we can call you back as soon as possible.

Please provide your shipping and billing addresses as applicable.


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